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How to save electricity when riding an electric bike for extra 10 miles?

by Jesse J. 17 Jun 2022

With gas prices rising in waves, e-bike travel has become more affordable. Recently, the editor saw a lot of new fans coming in asking questions about the battery life of electric bikes. Today, let’s talk about how to save power when riding electric bikes.


After the charger change lights color, you can continue to charge the ebike for half an hour

First, the user needs to strictly control the charging time, so that the battery can be prevented from overcharging. Generally speaking, we can see that the charger indicator light turns green. DYU bike suggestion: When the charger jumps off the lights, it can continue to be charged for half an hour, so that the battery can be fully charged, so that the electric bike power can last longer.


Speed control at 20-25km/h

According to relevant data tests, the electric bike speed at 20-25km/h generates the most stable voltage output. This means that if the user keeps driving at this speed, the electric bike will consume the least amount of power, save the most power, and have a longer range..

No overload

Because the power consumption of electric bikes is several times that of the ordinary state when it is overloaded, and the long-term overload riding will also strain the battery and affect its service life. So load properly for a longer battery life.


Accelerate slowly, ride at a constant speed

Electric bikes are the most energy-efficient when riding at a constant speed, neither too fast nor too slow, and the speed of the vehicle remains constant.

Because some users like to screw the handle when starting up, in fact, this method will accelerate the power consumption and shorten the cruising range. If the user adopts a slow acceleration method, the electric bike is given time to buffer, and the power consumption will be reduced accordingly. In addition, when the speed increases, driving at a constant speed will also reduce power consumption to a certain extent, making the electric bike more power-saving and lasting longer.

How to save electricity when riding an electric bike for extra 10 miles?

If we follow the above 4 points, our electric bike will save more power, and the battery life will be improved to the greatest extent.

Of course, in addition to this, it is necessary to develop good charging and discharging habits in daily life, so as to maximize the service life of the battery, so it will be no longer a problem for the electric bike to run 10 kilometers more.

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