Be a Representative

Come and Be a DYU Bike Representative!

If you own a DYU electric bike, join us and become a DYU product representative! All you have to do is provide your address and phone number and allow potential DYU riders to test your bike! 

Allow new customers to contact and test your model and as a bonus, a DYU representative will be rewarded once a customer has purchased an e-bike using their coupon code or referral link. Also, you will have the opportunity to experience our new models!

We will list your information on your website and allow our potential riders to contact you.

What you get?
1. You will receive the products from DYU.
2. 2. If a test rider purchases a product using the coupon you recommended, you will receive a reward of the same value as the coupon.
3. You have the possibility to receive our new model as a deep cooperation.
How to participate?
Send related information to
1. Name/Age/Profession
2. Your Location
3. What do you usually use e-bike for?
4. Did you have a DYU e-bike? If yes, which model?
5. How long have you been using an e-bike? And how often do you use your e-bike?
6. Would you be willing for people around you to come and experience the bike you currently own?

Current DYU Bike Representatives:

Location Name  Contact Available Model Note
Łazy, Poland Robin H +48 881 519 899 All