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How to make the most of DYU ebikes with the creative spart parts?

by J.Jesse 17 Feb 2023
Owning a DYU D series electric bike, such as the DYU D2+, DYU D3F, or DYU D3+, offers a dependable and adaptable mode of transportation. Boasting a maximum load capacity of 120kg (264 lbs), you can effortlessly transport your possessions and enrich your daily routines. Below are three tips on how to maximize your experience with your DYU bike.
  1. Install a Backseat to Accommodate Friends and Family

Adding a backseat to your DYU D3F electric bike can provide a comfortable and safe space for your child or friend to join you on your travels. With the added seating capacity, you no longer have to ride alone and can enjoy sightseeing or shopping together. Additionally, you can tie larger items to the backseat with a rope for effortless transport.

  1. Add a Back Basket for Personal Belongings

Equipping your DYU D2+ or D3+ electric bike with a back basket allows you to easily carry your bags, goods, or personal belongings. With the convenience of a storage space, you can confidently ride to school with books, shop with ease, and bring food for a picnic along the way.

  1. Include a Front Seat for Your Child

For younger children who may not be able to sit on the backseat, adding a front seat can be an excellent option. It keeps your child in sight and safe while allowing you to ride freely and easily. With your child seated in front of you, you can take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful spring season together.



By optimizing your DYU D series electric bike with these simple additions, you can enjoy an enhanced riding experience that suits your unique needs. Though DYU D series is quite lightweight and portable, it’s not weak at all. Don’t let the payload capacity of your DYU bike go to waste, and make the most out of your daily travels.

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