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DYU S2 10 Inch Mini Size Folding Electric Bicycle At a Glance

by Jesse J. 02 Apr 2022

DYU S2 10 Inch Mini Size Folding Electric Bicycle:  Impressive For Its Size!

Learn more about DYU Smart Bike S2

This is the DYU S2 it's a tiny little bike but very capable. This will fly along and transport this 180 - 190 pound six foot tall guy at fifteen and a half miles an hour. And I checked it and it did do exactly that nd that's just mind-blowing because you could fit this guy anywhere. I've got this in the back of my jeep so here's the box that comes and it's mostly assembled

And I'd say it's a good 99% assembled i think the only thing I had to do is put the rear fender on and the seat, so piece of cake to install. You don't have to have any knowledge about bicycles or mechanics or you don't even need tools because all the tools you're going to need come with this bike in the package so here here's everything in the box.

It's not too heavy, average guy, a lot of girls will be able to pick this guy up it's got a little bit of weight because of the batteries. Just be aware of that normally i tip the box on the side and slide it out this way so you just gotta gingerly carefully cut allthe styrofoam protection off the side all with little uh plastic ties, pretty easy to do and there's some tape on there to protect the door and shipping so she doesn't get scratched up and it came in really it's pristine protect pristine condition really.

No problems whatsoever with the shipping and the product itself and see any scratches or any weirdness, no bent stuff so that is great some of the bigger ones occasionally you have. Some bent stuff but this one came in perfect. So cut all the rotective stuff off of it it'll take you a few minutes to do that again do it carefully because you don't want to scratch the paint. Just a pair of scissors to be able to take everything off for you.

And in your little box here you're going to find your a rear fender pretty simple to attach as we'll show you in a minute. And you're also going to have your pedals which are marked left and right. Sometimes they don't mark those, so thank you dyu for doing that. And here's your charger it looks like a little laptop charger very small guys the smaller battery in this bike, is really all you need to charge his battery in a couple hours.

And here's the instruction book with the assembly and all the tools you're going to need. So you just here's the little port to plug it in, and i don't believe you can remove the battery unless you take it all apart you could probably do that but this is meant to be charged while on the unit itself, which is no problem the light will turn red when it's charging. And it'll turn green when it's ready to go it takes a couple of hours so get that started if you have the opportunity.

So the front handlebar, and the fork is already installed and it's a quick release so that's pretty cool. So you can fold that down to get that into the back of a small car or even like a, i bet this thing would fit into a large suitcase. Kickstands already installed look how small this is. It's really all you need for this guy, you will need to maybe pump up the tires. This was nice too they give you a spring-loaded seat for a much softer ride that was cool too and again there are air filled tires

So make sure they're inflated sometimes. They lose a little bit of air when they're during shipping. There's some temperature changes when they are on freight. And heading from one side of the world to another and it goes up surprisingly high.So again i'm just about six feet tall and i can ride this thing fairly comfortably to be honest you're not gonna have much luck pedaling unless
you're just from a dead start. Because there's only one gear but this is basically i think it's meant to be kind of like a rideable scooter.

And again no matter how tall you are even if you're six foot or if you're like five two you're gonna be able to fit on this bike. Because it's adjustable so you will need to pop the pedals on and they do give you the wrench to make them real tight. I did use a separate wrench i used a real wrench to
make sure my pedals are on there securely, because sometimes i'll stand up and just especially when i'm on the beach and ride in some scenic areas just to get a little bit better view get you a little bit higher. So tighten it up with this guy, it should get it as tight as you need it, But if you want it really tight the recommended torque, go ahead and use a real wrench, and that will straighten it out for you. Make sure that they're nice and secure.

And they are foldable too so when you throw that in the back of your car or your suv you can fold them down which is very nice option for you.and to put the rear fender on, just one one bolt that's really all it does the screws in there. It's plastic and they do give you the allen wrench for it. Just tighten it up make sure that's in there and you can adjust the front handlebar position too. So you make sure those brakes are comfortable so when you're riding it.

They will be in the right position so you can use them to stop and that's it your bike is ready to go. It's so cute but it's so capable so it comes with the power button. Just press the power button on no keys necessary. It shows you the battery level your throttle's on the right side it's a half twist throttle. And it also has a pretty bright headlight check out the illumination by this headlight this really shocked me. It's a really nice headlight and there's a horn in case you want somebody to get out of your way so i took it for a ride down the street. And you know what it actually fit i i
was worried that this wouldn't be able to support my height and weight, but it actually did great again.

We tested it up to about 15 and a half miles an hour which is plenty fast. In a lot of city situations where you really can't open it up to 20 28 miles.An hour so this will get you around for a commuter, you take it on the bus or on the train or probably in the back of your car and if you just want to ride. Your bike somewhere now you have the capability to do that so small so light and again 15 and a half miles an hour for probably a good 40 or so miles before the battery wears out. And when it wears out just charge it up again and you can pedal it if you need to, but this is an interesting product i find myself really liking this and now it's permanently in the back of my jeep i think. It's going to live there and uh i'm pretty happy with it i was really surprised at the quality of this DYU S2 electric bicycle.

Learn more about DYU Smart Bike S2

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