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5 Best Mini Folding Electric Bikes for 2022

by Devin Loree 24 Mar 2022

With the Winter months crawling into Spring, we all look forward to getting out of the house and basking in the sunshine on those precious days off. Face it, the sedentary lifestyle of winter can be grating and there are only so many Netflix shows you can binge. It’s time to put on those cargo shorts, tie up those brand-new sneakers, and hit the town with a brand-new mini folding electric bike! If you haven’t already spotted the trend of mini folding electric bikes, 2022 could be the year for you. They’re perfect for leisurely commutes to work or workout intensive rides to the park, and to top it all off they’re easy to set up and easier to store.


We know it can be difficult to know which bikes best fit your budget and lifestyle, so below we have compiled the 5 best mini folding electric bikes for 2022, and one of them could be perfect for you! They range from a lightweight aluminum-framed bike to a fat-tire all-terrain beast that can accommodate your needs.


Read on to find out which bike is best for you!

1. DYU D3F Electric Bike 

    Price: $529

DYU D3F Electric Bike

The first one on our list is this DYU 14-inch electric mini folding e-bike. It’s a great way to commute to work or explore any urban landscape in style. An incredibly small and compact package, it folds up and is easy to store so that you can bring it and put it anywhere. This e-bike can go 30-37 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode, making it ideal for short trips or long rides around the city or in the suburbs. It’s also easy to fold and take onto public transit, making it an ideal destination device. It has a top speed of 15.5 mph, meaning you’ll be zipping around traffic in no time and squeezing between even the tightest spots! It boasts a 36-volt, 10-amp lithium-ion battery and can be folded in just 30 seconds, making it easy for you to transition from wheels to foot. Its LCD will help you track your battery power and comes with headlights to get you home safely even on those darkest nights. And don’t worry about those bumpy rides home as its highly durable vacuum tires offer superior bike stability, and with front and rear disc brakes, you’ll be able to avoid even the most imminent disasters. However, what makes this bike stand out as #1 on our list is its price point. With a bargain price of $559.11, it is a serious bang for your buck. What makes it this cheap is that DYU sells directly from its factory to the customer, so it cuts out any potential middleman to create value for the consumer. It is upwards to 3 times cheaper than some of the others, so you won’t find a better deal in the bunch!


2. Swagtron EB7 plus

    Price: $849.99
Swagtron EB7 plus

When the Swagcycle EB-7 Elite Plus says Plus, it means it in every way. A true upgrade to its predecessor in every sense of the word, this versatile bike is efficient and precise with its 7-speed gear system that delivers a quick shift thumb button to easily shift between higher and lower gears so that you can coast with confidence or pedal with fury. The pedal assist has a throttle-only range of 19 miles on a single charge with a cruising speed of 18.6 mph that can conquer 25-degree inclines for those hilly sections of road. You won’t have to work up a sweat ever again on your commute to work! It’s also perfect for riding around your neighborhood or for a nice day at the beach. Its 36-volt lithium-ion battery charges faster than other models coming in at 3-4 hours which means you’ll never be stationary for long. Plus, you can add a spare battery in a secured compartment where it can be kept safe from dirt and grime. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for enhanced rear suspension and comfortable 16-inch wheels for city commuting. This bike handles beautifully with dual disc brakes that can take on any terrain that also comes with a one-year warranty in case you find yourself getting into more trouble than you bargained for!



    Price: $899


The next offering is the Aostirmotor 20-inch Fat Tire Electric Minibike. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for an electric bike that can handle the job at high speeds. With its 500-watt high-speed brushless motor, you can make great time on your commute to work or pick up that take-out just before closing time! It comes with a removable 36-volt, 13-amp lithium battery that can reach speeds of 25 mph! And don’t worry, it can also go on long rides with a range of 20 to 35 miles per charge. However, what might be most convenient is its four to six hours of charging time, which means you can run the battery dry and have it ready to go the next morning, perfect for advanced riders looking to push their limits! It also comes with an 866 LCD and a SHIMANO 7 speed chain. If you’re looking to explore the downtown area or explore the surrounding trails on the weekend camping getaway, its 20.4-inch flat tires with front and rear disc brakes will keep you protected and dry on those muddy roads and trails! If you’re a person that needs a bit of diversity from your electric e-bike, this all-terrain beauty is for you! Oh, and its lightweight aluminum alloy collapsible frame makes folding it up easy and convenient so you can take it with you anywhere!


4. EMOVE RoadRunner

    Price: $899

EMOVE RoadRunner

Riding the EMOVE Roadrunner can be a bit like the toppings bar at a frozen yogurt place – you never know quite when to stop. And just like frozen yogurt, it is so much better than it initially seems. The flagship seated RoadRunner electric scooter has a striking, unique design that delivers on form and function. With dual hub motors and a 48V 26.1 Ah Dynavolt removable battery, the Roadrunner gives you up to 53 miles of range, which is the longest on our list, so if a long-range option is what you’re looking for then look no further. It has a memory foam seat so that you can cruise in comfort, adjustable handlebars, and a thumb throttle to keep you riding along at up to 34mph. Having undergone serious upgrades from the original prototype, the RoadRunner electric scooter comes with a larger (wider and longer) and plusher seat, front fender and longer carbon fiber rear fender, single/dual motor modes, and longer foot pegs for those of you with big feet. It also boasts Xtech hydraulic brakes, a brighter headlight, and rear turn signals. With all these extra upgrades, it really begs the question: has there ever been a seated scooter like this before?


5. Juiced Bikes Scrambler

    Price: $1999

Juiced Bikes Scrambler

The Scrambler would've easily won a competition for the most innovative and stylish electric dirt bike if there were one. But it de facto wins it anyways as the most unique bike on our list. This hybrid model is perfect for your off-road dreams, and if you are living in a rural area with dirt paths and off-the-beaten-track roads, then this bike is perfect for you! It comes in a Camp and City model to fit your needs which are both built with an industry-leading 52V battery platform and custom 750W motor – the most powerful bike on our list! The Scrambler is the ultimate e-bike adventure vehicle that is both durable and sturdy. The CampScrambler has knobby tires that can accommodate both on and off-road escapades, whereas the CityScrambler has mag wheels and street tires that offer a smoother, more comfortable urban ride. It tops off at a stellar 28mph and can go more than 45 miles on one charge, so you’ll be sure to make it back from your next adventure. Whether you choose the Camp or City model, you’ll never have as much fun as you will with the Scrambler, whatever your jam.


Above 5 mini electric bikes all come with different advantages and merits, while they all carry you to the destination efficiently almost the same. However, considering their fashion looks, portable and folding features, safety concerns and cost-effective aspect, DYU D3F Electric Bike would be your best choice finally.

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